Hex Tower Defence – Keyboard bindings

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In Hex Tower Defence, most players will find an ease in using keyboard shortcuts to perform various in-game actions rather than pointing and clicking all around. Here is a list of all the possible actions that can be bound to a key and the default key that is mapped to it.

Note: It is possible that this page be out-of-date with the newest version, since new actions can appear anytime. If you are unsure, check Keymap.java in HexTD's main package from the repository.

Mappable Action Default Key
Buy Green 1 tower q
Buy Red 1 tower w
Buy Yellow 1 tower e
Buy Blue 1 tower r
Buy Green 2 tower a
Buy Red 2 tower s
Buy Yellow 2 tower d
Buy Blue 2 tower f
Buy Green 3 tower z
Buy Red 3 tower x
Buy Yellow 3 tower c
Buy Blue 3 tower v
Buy Fire Contol tower (no key)
Buy Damage Upgrade tower (no key)
Buy Range Upgrade tower (no key)
Buy creep(s) Spacebar
Call next wave (single player) n
Cancel Escape
Confirm y
Creep count down 1
Creep count up 2
Creep health down 3
Creep health up 4
Creep size down 5
Creep size up 6
Creep type down 7
Creep type up 8
Fast forward down -
Fast forward up +
Fast forward toggle h
Path down ,
Path up .
Toggle pause p
Sell selected tower S
Target mode down T
Target mode up t
Toggle target lock l
Upgrade tower u
Upgrade tower to level 10 U
Start text input (chat box) b
Level Editor: Make hex empty e
Level Editor: Make hex normal n
Level Editor: Make hex path p
Level Editor: Make hex transparent t