Who's going to bed?

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  • <TST> well time for my normal visit to the hostpital tomorrow...
  • <Masamune> Goodnight TST
  • <TST> so I have the day off
  • <TST> well night Masamune
  • <fredg999> Who's going to bed? I'm not sure :/
  • <Masamune> I think TST is off for bed
  • <TST> I thought Masamune was going to bed
  • <Masamune> I'm still here, for now
  • <TST> lol
  • <TST> you thought I was going to bed?
  • <Masamune> Yeah
  • <TST> LOL
  • <fredg999> LOL
  • <Masamune> *facepalms*
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