The Cillit Bang Taste Test

  • * fredg999 copies TST by drinking from a huge saucepan :P
  • * Masamune decides to drink Cillit Bang from a huge saucepan :P
  • <fredg999> Masamune: Is that tasty?
  • * Masamune spits out the Cillit bang he just took a mouthful of! :X
  • <Masamune> Ugh, that tasted...disgusting XP

Cillit Bang addiction?

  • <fred-mibbit> Silly Masamune, always bringing back Cillit Bang...
  • <Masamune> :P
  • <fred-mibbit> You must be *drinking* Cillit Bang every day :P
  • <lime> cillit bang pwns
  • <Masamune> I love the stuff :D IRC chatroom

Pacman Joke

"Imagine being influenced by Pacman; you'd have to like walk around in a darkened room, munching pills and listening to repetitive music."

Live At The Apollo, BBC/Dave

Stickman banter

  • <Masamune> You do know that "lol" could also mean some stickman raising his hands up?
  • <TST> a little :P
  • <TST> \o/
  • <TST> /o\
  • <TST> :P
  • <Masamune> That second one looks like a stickman getting frustrated :P
  • <TST> lol
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