This Month's Minecraft Shenanigans (November 2014)

Hello, fellow Minecrafters and USOOG'ers, and welcome to this month's edition of Minecraft Shenanigans. It seems that our Swedish Tower would rather play someplace else than our vanilla server, so virtually nothing going on in our world throughout October, unfortunately.

So this month, I will be covering our experience with Mineplex, a server we discovered a while ago. It is essentially a place where Minecraft players come together and play various kinds of games, some of which can be considered takes on different games. There are a range of different kinds of items that can be obtained in Mineplex, some of which are available only with subscriptions, which offer various perks and are created in a way that people with subscriptions do not have an unfair advantage over those who don't have a subscription.

So here are four of the games we tried out at Mineplex;

Block Hunt

This is where the "hiders", the players masquerading as various objects or animals, have a set amount of time to hide in different locations in a map and to survive for as long as possible, and once the initial time is up, the players designated as the "hunters", then have to try to find the players hiding on the map within a set time limit. The hiding players who are killed by the hunters, or commit suicide in some way during the game, respawn as one of the hunters who then have to find the remaining hiders. If at least one of the hiders are still alive once the time runs out, the hiders win the game; if all of the hiders are killed within the time limit, the hunters win the game.

The various kits available have their own strengths and weaknesses; the default hider kit, the "Swapper Hider", can change to any "compatible" block or mob as many times as the player desires; the "Instant Hider" can instantly masquerade as an item, but can only change to another item once per game; the "Shocker Hider" applies blindness and a special effect that slightly rotates the screen of any Hunters it hits, and makes it hard for them to walk around; and the "Infester Hider" can teleport into blocks and sit on animals to become invisible. For the hunters, the "Leaper Hunter" can catch up with hiders using the Leap ability and has the best armour of the three hunter kits; the "TNT Hunter" can flush out hiders using blocks of TNT, and has the best sword of the three hunter kits; and the "Radar Hunter" can detect hiders using a ticking compass, but is balanced by having the weakest sword of the three hunter kits.

I found this mini-game to be quite a lot of fun, and it can be rather satisfying to be able to just stay in a place on the map completely undetected the whole time. Of course, on one occasion, I was the last hider remaining after masquerading as a hay bale and just hid among other hay bales outside a building, until I was eventually discovered by the other players.


This is where players control a trail of sheep around a small arena, and try to get other players to crash into them, or against the walls or obstacles. The trail of sheep gradually grows longer overtime, and can also be extended by collecting slime items. The winner is the last player remaining after all other players are eliminated.

This game essentially works like the old 2D classic Snake game, so it is a game that in my view, is worth playing in particular, even if you haven't played the old 2D classic game.

Castle Siege

This game is where there are two teams of players; the Undead and the Defenders. The Undead have to break into the castle and kill "King Sparklez", a zombie wearing a full set of diamond armour, in his throne room, while the Defenders have to protect the king until the sun rises, which at that point, all of the Undead take burn damage until they are killed. Any Defenders that are killed, from the point in which they were killed onward in the current game, respawn as a wolf with low attack strength. If one of the Undead players manage to kill King Sparklez before the time is up and the sun rises, the Undead win the game; if the Defenders manage to protect the king until the sun rises, and all the Undead die after the sun rises, the Defenders win the game.

This is one of the games where hackers tend to be more visible than in other games, simply due to there being more players present, and spawn camping at the house where Defenders respawn as wolves tend to be somewhat commonplace. That said, it is one of the games I enjoy playing a lot when I do play at Mineplex, so Castle Siege is worth playing despite problems with hackers and the potential for spawn camping at the area around the house.

Sheep Quest

Here, four teams of players have a set amount of time to capture sheep that spawn in the centre of the arena, or from other team's pens, and then bring the sheep over to their pens. During the game, a new sheep periodically spawns in the middle of the arena. The team with the most sheep in their pen once the time runs out, wins the game.

This mini game can be quite hectic during the later stages of the game, as teams frantically try to capture each others' sheep and try to stop others from capturing their own sheep. Indeed, because I am not particularly great at capturing, I stay at my team's pen and defend our sheep, and leave it to my team mates to capture the sheep. In the end, I find it to be a fairly enjoyable game that is worth trying out at Mineplex.

Those are just four of the games we tried out, and we can always try out the other games and get to grips with them.

Island Village Update

Since last month, residents on the island have begun to develop the village in earnest, with a new farm for breeding animals, a tall building for growing crops, and two homes for the inhabitants.

The two new homes each have two floors, and have enough room for two people, plus all the essential items and equipment, and even some decorations if the occupants want to add some colour to their new homes. Both homes have a roof that incoporates glass, birch wood and glowstone for some decorative flair, as well as keeping hostile creatures off the roofs.

They have a small farm, which they use for breeding animals for meat and materials for which to craft into all kinds of items to sell on within the small community, and to people from across the world who travel to the island for a spot of tourism.

They also managed to create a tall structure with three floors, each growing a different crop, with water flowing through the middle of each floor. A stair case was built so that the island's inhabitants can safely travel between each floor, and glass windows are built on the edges of each floor, so that people can see how well the crops are growing.

That's all for now, and until next time, see you in our Minecraft Worlds! (And don't forget to check out Mineplex as well, since they have a variety of fun mini-games available for play.)