This Month's Minecraft Shenanigans (June 2014)

Hello, fellow Minecrafters and USOOG'ers, and welcome to this month's edition of Minecraft Shenanigans. This month was mostly a time of exploration, some experimentation, and base expansion (along with some attempts at finding valuable ores in dangerous places).

Here's some of the main goings-on this month;

Exploring Wider Areas

Naturally, I wanted to explore the landscapes after setting up our base, especially to pick up various stuff that just wasn't found in the biome that we set up base at. Over the course of the month, I found grapes and various kinds of berries, different kinds of wood, exotic foods like star fruits and even dragon fruits, and other items. I traversed through mountainous terrain, plains, fields and other biomes mostly in search of grapes - not just for juices, but for other kinds of food. I even found a tree that bore peaches on a tiny island as well, so naturally, I wanted to grow them in our base along with the other items that grow on trees.

I hope to find other kinds of fruits and other food items to add to the farm on my travels in the coming months.

Base Expansion

The Swedish Tower has been busy expanding the base, with greater portions of land fenced of for various purposes. In particular, the farms for growing essence crops and food crops now incorporate more space in the base, with plots of farmland dedicated to more kinds of crops. We have areas outside dedicated to different kinds of mods within the Mad Pack, and the rest of the land can be dedicated to other things, such as wood farming.

A section of new land was devoted to growing food and other crops that grow on trees. Any new such items I come across can be used as saplings in order to expand the farm.

As you can see in the above picture as it stands, the items seen growing on trees are as follows from left to right; avocados, star fruits, cherries, walnuts, dragon fruits, apples, pomegranites, vanilla pods, plums, peaches and peppercorns.

Later on, we could look at building a larger house for storage and other functions and purposes.

Experimenting with Mods

This month, The Swedish Tower has been exprimenting with mods such as Ars Magica and Thaumcraft, and it seems he has discovered some things about the mods that never really crossed my mind as such, so I just typically leave it to him to experiment with those kinds of mods.

If there are any mods within the Mad Pack that I would like to experiment with, it would have to be the Tinker's Construct; it has a range of weapons and tools that I can experiment with in order to make the most of the components that make up each individual tool or weapon, based on the different materials available.

That's all for now, and until next time, see you in our Minecraft Worlds!