Working in the Minecraft World: Island exploration & The Great Mob Contraption! (Plus an announcement) (December 2013)

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month's edition of Working in the Minecraft World.

Now, before I begin with this edition of the blog series, there are two things I wanted to mention at this moment in time;

* I opted to bring forward this edition from its usual spot of the last Sunday of each month, because I will be away from this Friday up until New Year's Day, and it just so happens that the next edition fell on one of those days, hence this edition coming earlier than usual

* I will be making some changes to this blog series to keep it from going stale over the months, and possibly years. Firstly, from next month, "Working in the Minecraft World" will be renamed as "This Month's Minecraft Shenanigans", which will aim to bring together all the things that happened in the last month. Secondly, each edition will be posted on the last day of each month, rather than every last Sunday of each month. And thirdly, each edition will have more in the way of things to say about what went on in a given month, along with screen captures taken in-game.

Now, onto this edition;

Our Swedish Tower and I recently discovered a small collection of very small islands, which he found by accident after tunneling too far in the Nether when connecting the islands I covered last time to the Nether network. So naturally, I wanted to build a settlement there with its own farms, homes and other amenities. Here are the obligatory farms;

The homes and other buildings are made entirely of wood, again mainly to conserve cobblestone for other uses. The buildings are kept small, so as to conserve space on the islands. One of the buildings lies the library for enchanting equipment.

I also took time to explore the neighbouring oceans on a boat, and came across more islands, and part of the mainlands. The other islands seem to be large enough to build settlements there as well, from what I have seen.

Our Swedish Tower also connected the islands to two towers that he built for access to the caverns by way of bridges. He also created an entrance on land, which can be seen by the trapdoors on one of the islands.

There is one more thing our Swedish Tower has been busy with lately; building his great mob contraption! He first built a really tall tower using cobblestone, and then built his contraption above the clouds. Here is his contraption for all to see...

That's all for now, and see you there in our Minecraft World!