Working in the Minecraft World: Archipelago Village & Other Sights (November 2013)

Hey everyone, and welcome to this month's edition of Working in the Minecraft World.

I decided to venture out and explore the world by boat, when I came across a small archipelago, which is essentially a cluster of islands in a body of water. Naturally, I wanted to explore the area and see what's interesting - and of course, build a village on the archipelago.

Now, building a village on an archipelago can be tricky, as there may be limited space on land available for the essential amenities, such as libraries, farms, and places to store many items. Also, I wanted to keep hold of whatever cobblestone I had in possession for practical items such as furnaces, pistons and dispensers, so I opted to use wood for my buildings.

Here is my crop farm, which I opted to build three floors for, to conserve space for more buildings on the limited land mass space available. The upper two floors have the floor two blocks in height, consisting of the lower block being made of wooden planks, with dirt above it. A hole in the centre allows for water to flow through and keep the tilled soil suitable for growing crops on all three floors. It's a work in progress, though, as I still need to finish building the structure using more wood.

Also, I took the time to light up the caverns underneath the islands, though I first had to create an entrance to the caverns as initially, there were no entrances leading into the caverns. Lighting up the caverns and ravines, it seems, can lead to some interesting sights...

I also took the time to designate an area in the north of the archipelago for farming wood lately, while placing plenty of oak wood saplings tightly packed together to maximise wood yields. Here are the results so far;

Meanwhile, our Swedish Tower has also been busy - he was further expanding the village I mentioned last time. When I paid a visit for a short while, the changes to my animal farm were the first thing that caught my attention...

That's all for now, folks, so see you there in our Minecraft World!