Working in the Minecraft World: Village works in progress! (October 2013)

Hey everyone, and welcome to this month's edition of Working in the Minecraft World.

Now, the village has expanded quite a bit since last time, with a new cocoa farm, a building for storing crops, an animal farm for meat and materials, and more homes for villagers. It just needs more amenities and homes for the village to be a great place to live in.

The cocoa farm is built as a dual-floor building with the jungle logs on the ground floor placed in such a way that maximises cocoa bean yields. A second floor is built for storing cocoa beans in chests, and ladders can be used for moving between floors. The cocoa can then be transported to other villages and settlements, or used in crafting other items. (Or for dyeing sheep brown, if needs-be)

There is also a large single-floor building, which is used as mass storage for crops and other stuff. In fact, one could store a lot of items in this one building alone, given the amount of room available within the building's interior.

There are also two animal farms in the village; one for cows, pigs and chickens, with storage for raw and cooked meats, leather, feathers, charcoal for furnaces, and a large chest used as feeds for the animals; and the other solely for sheep, with a storage building to be built soon, for storing wool for carpets, beds and other things.

Our own Swedish Tower has been busy building huts in the village lately. He even upgraded one set of huts into a double floor building complete with a deck as the balcony.

That's all for now, and there is still plenty of work to go around within the village and elsewhere. So see you there in our Minecraft world!