Working in the Minecraft World: Mushroom Islands & A New Village Settlement (September 2013)

Great news this month! The Swedish Tower and I managed to find an island - with mushrooms! We now have a perfect area with which to cultivate mushrooms, so there should be plenty of mushroom stews to go around.

A look of part of the island in the daytime;

And of course, the good old portal for quick and easy travel between areas of the world;

We also located a village settlement, which also happened to be a prime spot for a nice mob farm for gathering materials quickly and easily. Here is the area so far;

We also had to relocate the settlement slightly, and rebuild the village from scratch. The village itself will be a mix of homes, farms, amenities and villager huts, so it will become a prime location for people to trade with villagers. Here is the village so far;

Of course, the settlement is a work in progress as well, as we need to expand it with more buildings, homes and amenities for people to work and live in.

That's all for now, and if you happen to come across villagers on your travels, don't be afraid to trade with them for emeralds and other goods. So see you there in our Minecraft world!