Working in the Minecraft World: Village Expansion (August 2013)

The village north of the stronghold has expanded somewhat since last month's edition of Working in the Minecraft World. In between exploration of the surrounding areas, I found time to build two new homes and a library in the village. The two houses are there for people to reside in; like other homes already built, they are left empty with the exception of torches placed around the ceilings to keep them well-lit at night.

As you can see here, the building to the left of the image is the library, where residents and travellers can read interesting books and novels written by famous Minecraft adventurers as well as enchant their tools, weapons and armour to give them a decisive edge over the hordes of hostile creatures that lurk in shadows all over the universe.

The internals of the library itself is a work-in-progress, with an oak wood plank serving as a placeholder for an enchantment table, and two bookshelves behind it already placed with more bookshelves still to be crafted and ready to build.

These two homes were built using the cobblestone and oak wood stored in reserve from a while back. Wood that were getting low in stock were replenished by plating more saplings in the surrounding area; the fresh wood can be stored in reserve, or used in constructing new buildings and paths, and in crafting new tools.

The images below, show the insides of the new homes. These right now are empty, but occupants staying in these homes will no doubt want to fill the rooms with chests, a bed, furnaces and other items.

Now, as a little extra, our own Swedish Tower and I decided to go exploring in nearby caverns south of the village. After much exploration, we decided to find some place to mine our way out of the caverns, having to drop stuff that wasn't particularly critical to us on our way up. As we mined our way up while placing cobblestone as makeshift stairs, we managed to reach the surface in the middle of some rather tall hills. While I carried some items back to the village, our Swedish Tower continued mining his way up, until he reached the top of the hills, and then created entrances/exits for both places, as seen here;

That's all for now, and I'll provide more reports on things that are going on in the near future, so see you there in our Minecraft World!