Working in the Minecraft World: The Island Village So Far (June 2013)

Hey everyone

My new blog series will be titled "Working in the Minecraft World", where I will explain the various things that have been going on in our world in Minecraft.

For the first part in the series, I will explain about the current state of the island on which the village has been built and developing in the past several months.

Island Village in Minecraft

From the picture of the island village, many of the buildings and amenities are in place. There are various farms scattered around the main village square; there is a potato farm for producing potatoes; a carrot farm; a sugar cane farm for making paper for books, or refined sugar for desserts; two twin-floored wheat farms, one used for making bread, and the other that also doubles as a cocoa farm for making cookies; a pumpkin farm for growing pumpkins mainly for making pumpkin pies; and a melon farm which is not seen in the above picture - it can have up to as many as 42 melons at a time, which equates to more than three full stacks of melon slices.

There is a five-storey department store located in the village square, where people can buy various items, such as food and drinks, weapons, armour and tools, and decorative items for people to spruce up the interior of their homes. The top floor serves as an observatory floor, where people can take a break from shopping while observing areas around the village square.

The hilltop park and open-air conservatory deck is a recent addition to the island village. It is where people can experience a change in scenery and look at natural scenery and foliage, as well as get great views of much of the island itself.

For people looking to get useful enchantments to their weapons, tools and armour, or to simply read books, there is a library situated to the outskirts of the village square.

To the north of the island, there is a farm in which animals are reared and culled for meat and useful materials. There is a house, where raw and cooked meats, wool, and food for the animals are stored.

Also dotted around the island, are various homes with five of the larger homes serving as part of the village square. The village square is also where people can trade with residents using emeralds, a currency used for trading goods.

There are various entrances to caverns; some of them are naturally accessible, while others were manually created for easier access in and out of the caverns when transporting ores and other minerals out onto the surface.

Well, that's all for now, and of course I am looking at ways to develop the island village still further than at its current state. Until next time, see you there in our Minecraft world!