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USOOG IRC Migrated to Freenode

The USOOG IRC Network has been migrated to Freenode this evening. Freenode is an IRC network that is commonly used by many free, libre and open source project. The migration is carried out to ensure that we are able to reach a wider audience than at present, and to provide a way to chat with other people in cases where the USOOG server is down for any particular reason.

The IRC channel remains the same as with the previous server we used before migration, as #USOOG, so you can still chat with us on IRC using your favourite IRC client.

TDCore 1.0 is out!

After 1 year and 3 months since we started TDCore version 1.0 has finally been released! This means that TDCore is now ready for production, and being used as the framework it was written to be!

In order to download TDCore 1.0, just add the dependencies to your Maven pom. If you aren't using Maven you can get the files you need right here:

If you want to read up on TDCore and understand how it works we have written docs here:

Site upgraded to Drupal 7!

The Users' Studio Of Open Games is proud to announce that we have now upgraded the site to Drupal 7! Drupal 7 was released today and we wanted to directly benefit from the new code and changes to it, along with any performance improvements the changes would bring. As we upgraded some of the features might be missing, but they will soon be added again. We are looking forward to bringing new and exciting content to the site and above all, over the course of 2011 and beyond, making your experience that much more exciting.

New member of The USOOG Team

We are pleased to announce today that The_Noid has become a member of the USOOG Team. He is the creator of Hex Tower Defence, and one of the creators of the TDCore engine, which will be used for all of our tower defence games.

We hope The_Noid's membership will aid us in bringing an innovative and exciting gaming experience to you all.

Web chat

We are very pround to announce the USOOG web chat!

Powered by qwebirc you can now chat with us. The chat will be featured in many of our games, and you will be able to chat while not playing too!

To start chatting now click here!

USOOG IRC Network Maintenance

Greetings to all members and site visitors :)

The Swedish Tower (TST) is currently performing maintenance tasks on the USOOG IRC network, so you may experience some technical hiccups while maintenance is taking place. The main purpose is to eventually integrate the IRC network and services into our games, so gamers can chat with each other while they play.

We apologise for any inconvience that the maintenance work may cause you while you visit the site, and our IRC chatrooms.

Creep Attack Downtime

As some of you noticed the site has been very slow and sometimes even game gateway timeouts!

All these problems should be solved as of now as I have changed host. Site should be much faster and gateway timeouts should not happen anymore.

If the site is still slow please let me know!

Site done!

As of today Creep Attack has a website! Here I will post about progress made in Creep Attack as well as screenshots, features and many other things!