Creep Attack started 14th November 2009 as a project because The Swedish Tower was bored. He asked the TowerDefence.net IRC channel if there was anyone who had an unique tower defense idea. AeonMasamune come up with the basic idea of creeps (a kind of creature) attacking each other.

After a short time the wheel started to spin. The Swedish Tower registered a SourceForge project. Basic code was taken from HexTD and development stated.

6th December The Swedish Tower registered the Creep Attack website and after a very short time a fully functional website was up and running powered by Drupal.

31st December 2009 the website was moved after some days of downtime to a private dedicated server.

11th March the migration to usoog.com was done.

Since then, four working, playable games have been added to the site; Hex TD, Solar Storm, our version of Gem Tower Defence, and Viral Shift. A high scores section was set up recently for players to view the high scores for currently-supported games.