The Welcoming

Hello to those of you visiting the Creep Attack website. As the "thinker" of the Creep Attack Team, my role in the project is essentially to come up with ideas for the game. The idea for Creep Attack came about when myself and The Swedish Tower talked about what makes a good tower defence game on the's official IRC channel. This is an extract from the discussion on the topic at the time, that essentially formed the beginnings of the Creep Attack project;

"Another original TD idea could be where instead of killing creeps, you convert them and make them your allies, and you can have them attack and kill other creeps using priests, mages or clerics as convertors/towers."


The synopsis of Creep Attack Creep Attack is essentially a break from the conventional aspects of the tower defence game genre; while practically all other tower defence games involve building various towers and objects that attack hordes of creeps in order to destroy them, Creep Attack has you using various priests, mages and clerics (the "towers" in this game) not to kill creeps in the traditional way, but to "convert" them, essentially bring them under the player's control. The player could then command his/her creeps primarily to attack incoming waves of creeps, or creeps that are under an opposing player or computer-controlled opponent's control. This forms part of the fundamental aspects of playing Creep Attack. Bringing creeps under a player's control also provides another method of obtaining gold; each creep is worth an amount of gold depending on their respective level and creep type, and while creeps are controlled by a player, the amount of gold each creep is worth is added to that player's gold stockpile every five seconds. Therefore, it may be advantageous to convert as many creeps as you can to maximise the amount of gold received as each five second interval passes.


Hopefully, you'll get the idea of what Creep Attack is about, and how it would be played. If you want to discuss and ask questions about the game, feel free to register and begin posting in our new forum that The Swedish Tower has kindly put in place for you. And please remember to spread the word about the Creep Attack game and encourage them to visit our website regularly ;)

Thank you all for reading my blog