This Month's Minecraft Shenanigans (April 2014)

Hello, fellow Minecrafters and USOOG'ers, and welcome to this month's edition of Minecraft Shenanigans. Throughout April, we have been doing various kinds of stuff through the MadPack mod in Minecraft, and continued to find out what it has to offer. Here are this month's highlights;

Tower Tomfoolery

The Swedish Tower and I decided to explore a tower close to the main base of ours. It is full of hostile creatures, and indeed, the ground floor consisted of blazes and another fiery kind of creature you won't find in vanilla Minecraft for sure. They were a real pain to clear out and part of the forest around the tower was destroyed, but after a while, we were able to make the ground floor safe to enter. After that, climbing up the tower was fairly easy, and once we reached the top, we could get a really good view of the surrounding area. The next time I tried to pay a visit, the tower was since completely demolished, but we did get some useful stuff out of it.

Making Renewables out of Non-Renewables

The Swedish Tower has been busy expanding the farms for a range of different essences available. The really cool thing about essences, is that you really can obtain items that would otherwise be difficult to obtain safely, or be otherwise non-renewable. There is one main farm for growing raw essences, which form the basis for making all kinds of crops. Of course, one still needs the actual items themselves before they can become a renewable resource, first by forming essence seeds of the respective resource.

Gold is one of those rare resources that can otherwise be a pain at times to obtain as a renewable resource. Thanks to essence, gold can be formed much more safely.

Iron is a rather versatile metal that has various uses as it is in vanilla Minecraft - now it too can be created much more safely.

Even diamonds, a valuable, non-renewable gemstone used for some of the best tools, armour and weapons, can now be farmed renewably, thanks to the power of essences.

There are also crops derived from various creatures as well. For example, one can make bones just by using essences derived from skeletons.

A better way to mine underground...

Apparently, there is a way to mine minerals underground without actually going underground to mine the minerals yourself - quarries! The basic idea, is that you set up an area that you want to mine underground, connect the pipes from the quarry to the chests, connect the engines or other power source to the quarry, give the engines some power, and away it goes.

To do this, The Swedish Tower and I headed up to the snowy mountains near the farm village. I came prepared with beds and wood for building a makeshift shelter, since we were going to be at the quarry site for a prolonged period of time.

The pipes are constructed in a way that blocks and materials that are not desirable to us during the mining operation (i.e dirt, stone and cobblestone - since we can already craft them using essences) are filtered out and destroyed, while the other minerals and materials are channeled to the chests, where the items are stored. Four engines are used to power the quarry, but the engines can begin to overheat overtime, so we filled the engines with water to keep them cool during the operation.

Here are just some of the things we got out of the underground;

Salt, a mineral that can be used in cooking...

Coal, a mineral made of carbon that is used as fuel for furnaces and for making torches...

Copper Ore, which can be smelted into copper ingots, which are used for various things...

Force gems, which are used to power various machinery...

And of course, lapis lazuli and redstone which respectively, are used to colour things a blue colour and as a rudimentary material for powering primitive machinery.

That's all for now, and until next time, see you in our Minecraft Worlds!