This Month's Minecraft Shenanigans (March 2014)

Hello, fellow Minecrafters and USOOG'ers, and welcome to this month's edition of Minecraft Shenanigans. This month, we're still getting to grips with the MadPack Minecraft world, and we have been continuing to build up the village settlement and main base.

The village itself has undergone expansion with new dedicated areas for farming crops. So far, we have farms for cotton, sweetcorn, various berries, sweet potatoes, wheat, carrots, potatoes, corn, pineapples and other crops and foodstuffs. That means we don't have to rely solely on fruit juices and smoothies, and can just eat other kinds of food available.

I found out that one can create a berry medley by using two bowls and one of each kind of berry (blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and maloberries (a yellow kind of berry found on bushes)), or one bowl, one maloberry, and either one blackberry and one blueberry, one blueberry and one raspberry, or one raspberry and one blackberry.

The cotton farm comes in very useful, in that there are various uses of cotton in Minecraft, from making string for bows and other tools and weapons, to woven cotton as substitutes for leather in making leather armour! No more hunting spiders for string in the wilderness, and no need to kill cows and horses for their leather for the purpose of making armour.

I also built my own house for storing my own items as well as for making new ones. It is comprised of cobblestone and sakura wood, a type of wood not ordinarily found in vanilla Minecraft, and the trees that sakura wood comes from, have leaves that are pink in colour.

We also did various other things in the meantime; we built a new wooden road that connects the two locations together, and fenced off the surrounding areas with wooden fences. We came across two different underground springs, one of which heals you, and the other harms you. We also decided to remove a lot of sand underneath the wooden house The Swedish Tower built both as living quarters and a place for storing all kinds of stuff. I ended up using some of the sand for making glass for bottles used for bottling juices, and glass panes for homes.

And one last thing; The Swedish Tower apparently managed to find a way to easily farm otherwise non-renewable resources - the power of essence. So far, he is able to grow crops for coal and redstone, and as I speak, he is working on producing seeds for growing other kinds of special crops.

That's all for now, and until next time, see you in our Minecraft Worlds!