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Progress on the Creep Attack Project Thus Far...

Welcome to all Creep Attack site users. As we began 2010, it seems the game itself and the site has quickly evolved since my first blog was posted onto this site.

We now have a new IRC channel strictly for Creep Attack, for those of you who want to pop by and have a chat or to talk about everything to do with the upcoming game. It is always worth it to see new people participate in discussions on the IRC channel after visiting the CA site.

The Welcoming

Hello to those of you visiting the Creep Attack website. As the "thinker" of the Creep Attack Team, my role in the project is essentially to come up with ideas for the game. The idea for Creep Attack came about when myself and The Swedish Tower talked about what makes a good tower defence game on the's official IRC channel. This is an extract from the discussion on the topic at the time, that essentially formed the beginnings of the Creep Attack project;