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Working in the Minecraft World: A New Village Foundation (July 2013)

Okay, so last month, I talked about the island village in its current state, which has many of the features of a village in Minecraft, including homes for people to live on, farms for growing crops and other food items, a farm for rearing animals, and a large multi-storey department store.

Since then, I started building up a village to the north of the central stronghold, with its own farms, homes, a nether portal for fast travel to other villages, and a market place for buying, selling and trading goods, and that will be the focal point for this edition.

Working in the Minecraft World: The Island Village So Far (June 2013)

Hey everyone

My new blog series will be titled "Working in the Minecraft World", where I will explain the various things that have been going on in our world in Minecraft.

For the first part in the series, I will explain about the current state of the island on which the village has been built and developing in the past several months.

Multitasking in Desktop Environments

The last few months there has been a big uproar about desktop environments. Gnome3 completely rethinking the desktop and Ubuntu making Unity no longer an option. My biggest problem with many of the new desktop environments is that they use the wrong definition of multitasking, or to be more precise, the wrong definition of "task". - End Of A Chapter, While A New Dawn Begins...

It has come to our attention that the popular website is no longer active. Ezo, the site's original owner, recently sold the website to a company known as "Caputo Media", a business that owns a small collection of websites. Now it seems the company has merged the website with its other websites, hence the "" community as we knew it here at the Users' Studio Of Open Games, is gone for good.

Latest activity on USOOG and the IRC channel

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

Myself and The Swedish Tower have continued work on Creep Attack lately, while the TDCore engine that has been given priority in recent weeks nears completion. We have considered the appearance of the in-game screen on the USOOG IRC channel with the help of one of the regulars who take part in discussions there.

I have also come up with more online game suggestions in recent weeks, though at this time I'd rather keep the game titles under wraps! :P

Possible new games for the future?

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

Well, it seems ideas from myself and The Swedish Tower (mostly myself :P ) have been flowing on the USOOG IRC channel lately, and now we have come up with more game ideas that could become realities sometime into the future. Among the new ideas are another tower defence game, a puzzle game, and an open source remix of a popular Flash game.*

Recent activity on USOOG and elsewhere

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

It has been a little quiet here lately, mainly because myself and The Swedish Tower have been carrying out other activities elsewhere. TST is currently working with The Noid in developing a common core for CA and Hex TD, and that core will be used for future tower defence game projects. Meanwhile, I am busy fleshing out ideas for a second game in preparation for production for next year, though you'll have to come on over to our USOOG IRC channel to find out what the new game will be :P