- End Of A Chapter, While A New Dawn Begins...

It has come to our attention that the popular website is no longer active. Ezo, the site's original owner, recently sold the website to a company known as "Caputo Media", a business that owns a small collection of websites. Now it seems the company has merged the website with its other websites, hence the "" community as we knew it here at the Users' Studio Of Open Games, is gone for good.

TST, fredg999, The_Noid and I were members of that community, and over the months, we, and other forum members had discussed about everything to do with tower defence games, and some of us even worked on a sequel to a popular tower defence game. Now, we bring into the future, memories of our time on, of how we, the internet users from across the globe, were brought together through our common enjoyment of playing tower defence games.

We hope we will be able to bring forth, the creation and development of USOOG not just as a games site, but also as a form of social gaming platform built around free software that everyone can enjoy while being able to experience their freedoms and rights as free software users.



I have just visited after a few weeks absence and found that site is unreadable in Firefox and Safari browsers.  I couldn't understand what had happened to it, until I found your post.  It is a sad ending - I regularly used the site to find new tower defence games and looked through the forums when I needed to.  It is a real shame that this has happened, and so clumsily.

I'm sad face.

I really loved the whole site in general, but I really loved the Gem TD Project especially. I visited that forum section every day for half a year to check for updates and posts because I really wanted a second Gem TD to come out. So at this point, I'm guessing that there's no real possibility for a Gem TD 2 unless another group of people pick it up?