Recent activity on USOOG and elsewhere

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

It has been a little quiet here lately, mainly because myself and The Swedish Tower have been carrying out other activities elsewhere. TST is currently working with The Noid in developing a common core for CA and Hex TD, and that core will be used for future tower defence game projects. Meanwhile, I am busy fleshing out ideas for a second game in preparation for production for next year, though you'll have to come on over to our USOOG IRC channel to find out what the new game will be :P

JaXm over on our IRC channel, is currently busy working on his radio network, though he should eventually be able to set up a fully functional radio channel for USOOG, so it will be a while yet before the radio service for this site will be ready. On this note, patience is a virtue :)

Speaking of USOOG, myself and TST changed our team name to Universal Studio Of Open Games, because we wanted to specialise in developing open source games, and to encourage game developers around the world to work with us in developing open source games, as well as publishing their own open source games onto our site.