Progress on the Creep Attack Project Thus Far...

Welcome to all Creep Attack site users. As we began 2010, it seems the game itself and the site has quickly evolved since my first blog was posted onto this site.

We now have a new IRC channel strictly for Creep Attack, for those of you who want to pop by and have a chat or to talk about everything to do with the upcoming game. It is always worth it to see new people participate in discussions on the IRC channel after visiting the CA site.

Of course, myself and The Swedish Tower have discussed the idea of premium content on Creep Attack's IRC channel with other chatroom users, where certain creeps, priests/mages/clerics, abilities and other content would be paid for using some form of credits (we have yet to decide on a name for the credits which would be used to purchase premium content, and possible pricing structures to adopt). Casual Collective, Mochigames and a few other online games sites offer premium content for games hosted on their sites already, but while this would most probably be later in development, it seems the large numbers of online gamers embracing premium content could potentially see us jumping on the bandwagon in the near future! ;)

Also, this site could be getting its own radio channel; apparently, JaXm, who is a regular IRC channel user of both the and Creep Attack channels, suggested the idea after discussions about site-related stuff took place on the Creep Attack IRC channel. Particular styles of music have yet to be discussed, so this will be another feature that could be added to the site later in development.

Furthermore, the programming code for the game, which The Swedish Tower has been very busy coding the main fundamentals of the game, has been taking shape lately and, while it is far from complete, it is great to see that progress is being made.

So then, it is very encouraging to see that the Creep Attack project has progressed at a rapid rate, especially in terms of the wealth of ideas and suggestions generated on the and Creep Attack IRC channels.

Don't forget to become a member of the Creep Attack site and spread the word ;)

With regards,

Masamune, the "thinker" of the Creep Attack Team