Possible new games for the future?

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

Well, it seems ideas from myself and The Swedish Tower (mostly myself :P ) have been flowing on the USOOG IRC channel lately, and now we have come up with more game ideas that could become realities sometime into the future. Among the new ideas are another tower defence game, a puzzle game, and an open source remix of a popular Flash game.*

You guys and girls might be wondering, "How come you're coming up with new ideas now, when you haven't even finished making Creep Attack yet?" Well, while it is good to finish making a game, it is also good to generate ideas for future games so that we have something to work on once we have completed a game project.

If you want to know more about future games from The USOOG Team, of if you just like to have a friendly chat, feel free to check out our official IRC channel. And don't forget to get your friends to check out our site, too. ;)

Masamune, the creative thinker of The USOOG Team

*All ideas, names and actual implementations of these are copyrighted and property of The USOOG Team