My thoughts about why the idea of Creep Attack came about

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

It has been more than two months now, since the Creep Attack site is up and running, and I would like to share my thoughts about why I thought of the main idea behind Creep Attack;

I became interested in tower defence games for a few years now, and have played many TD games, notably Desktop Tower Defence, GemCraft, the Bloons TD series, Vector TD, and Mushroom Revolution. In October 2008, I joined, a dedicated online games site for tower defence games. During my time on the forum at, I became involved with a game project with various other members of the forum, that is essentially a sequel to a popular online game that was based on WarCraft. It was while I was involved with that project, that I developed the "Great Gem Combinations List", which is essentially a collection of twelve gems that can be created using Great Gems. (Well, a certain member asked me to develop the list because several members discovered that I had a penchant for coming up with ideas for extremely powerful gems :P)

Yet, even then, I noticed that there was something missing from the TD genre; something that was never tried and done before. Practically every TD game involved destroying hordes of creeps using towers, mages, gems or other items. Sure, there were some interesting ideas that were thrown in already; Destop Tower Defence gave players freedom to place towers anywhere they liked, and to practice "juggling", which is essentially forcing creeps to travel back and forth through the maze of towers. The Bloons TD series involed using various different monkeys and towers to pop balloons instead of destroying creeps. But the premise remained the same; you build towers, hire mages and/or create gems in order to destroy creeps and other enemies. So I began to think of original ideas that would reinvent the TD genre, while at the same time, maintain some of the "traditional" aspects and principles of tower defence games.

And so, it was in November 2009, when my idea came about; it still involved hordes of creeps travelling through the map towards the player's base or exit, and it still involved using mages of some kind. But there is one crucial difference that would set Creep Attack apart from other tower defence games; you use the mages to "convert" creeps instead of destroy them. When you bring creeps under your control, you can have them attack other creeps, use vehicles to transport friendly creeps around the map, or retrieve capsules containing various different items, and bring them to your base.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me about anything related to the topics I just covered here.

And don't forget to get your friends and family to join in the fun, too ;)

With regards to you all,

Masamune, the resident "thinker" of the Creep Attack project