Latest activity on USOOG and the IRC channel

Greetings to all site members and visitors :)

Myself and The Swedish Tower have continued work on Creep Attack lately, while the TDCore engine that has been given priority in recent weeks nears completion. We have considered the appearance of the in-game screen on the USOOG IRC channel with the help of one of the regulars who take part in discussions there.

I have also come up with more online game suggestions in recent weeks, though at this time I'd rather keep the game titles under wraps! :P

Work on the dedicated radio channel appears to have stalled, because we haven't heard from JaXm on the IRC channel lately. I don't know when the radio channel will be up and running, but hopefully it would be sorted out soon.

If you like the idea of creative and original games like Creep Attack, and future online games, feel free to support us by donating to us through SourceForge, or by becoming a USOOG member. Any donations we receive will go towards making new games and keeping USOOG running :)

Until next time,

Masamune, the "creative thinker" of The USOOG Team