Latest USOOG updates

Hey everyone!

It was a long, long time since my last blog post here on USOOG - in fact, I mostly hang around and chat about various things in our IRC network. So here are some things that took place here since my last blog post...

- Four games are playable here on USOOG; Hex Tower Defence, a tower defence game created by our own The_Noid, and inspired by Vector TD; Gem Tower Defence, our version and Java port of the classic tower defence game; Solar Storm, a strategy game that involves sending space crafts to other planets to capture them; and Viral Shift, a game where players try to capture as many viruses as they can. You can also view high scores for Solar Storm, Hex Tower Defence and Gem Tower Defence as well. We have also dropped support for Java 6 for all our games, so if you are still using Java 6 (or an earlier version), you will need to have either Oracle's Java 7 plugin or later, or IcedTea Java web plugin 1.3 or later and OpenJDK Java 7 or later (or other equivalent Java Virtual Machine (JVM)).

- We have an unofficial Minecraft server up and running for players who enjoy playing Minecraft. For anti-griefing purposes, we use a whitelist system for the server, so if you want to join us, you can make a request for being added to the whitelist by contacting TST/TheSwedishTower either in IRC or by private message.

- The USOOG server has recently received an upgrade since the site and server outage due to a crash on one of the hard drives used for the server. All being well, the server should perform much better than before the server outage.

That's all for now. And if you have any ideas for a blog series, feel free to post your suggestions in the comments.