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Users' Studio Of Open Games, for short USOOG, was created and set up by The Swedish Tower and AeonMasamune in November 2009. After a short time discussing about tower defence games, they decided to work together to create various games which will be both open source and free software. All code and work we create, are licensed only under free licenses, such as the GNU Affero General Public Licence. The site originally began as a Creep Attack site solely for that game, but as time progressed, we  began developing ideas for other kinds of games, so we opted to evolve our group into one that not only develops a wide range of games, but also aims to bring all kinds of like-minded users together.

The site and all projects are run for the benefit of the online community, and we do not seek to make money from producing games for the site. We also strive to make the source code for our games and other works available, so that other people can join in and help us improve the quality of the games on this site.

USOOG can only be found on this site and on SourceForge - that means you won't find us on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, YouTube or any other sites.